Office and instructional space is the single most important non-human resource on campus.

UO Spaces contains elements that describe the current utilization of all university-owned and university-leased spaces. These elements allow for analysis and reporting, contributing to decisions on how to most efficiently make use of existing spaces and plan for future needs. These data are used to assess whether sufficient facility resources in such categories as classrooms, labs, residence halls, and administrative support are available to fulfill the university's mission. Data analysis answers basic questions about space, including how much space there is, what kind of space it is, to whom it is assigned, and how it is being used. The data also support the university’s facilities and administrative cost rate, studies for self-accreditation, and academic and program planning.

UO Spaces relies heavily on various institutional data sources, but the core data comes from Campus Planning, Design and Construction, Campus GIS data, HRIS, and FIS.

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